List Of Remarkable Add-Ons That Can Increase Quality Of Your E-Cigarette

Good news for all e-cigarette users, now you can customise your e-cigarette. Manufacturers of various brands allow you to opt from their huge number of remarkable add-ons. Those who have not customised their products yet because of unawareness don’t have to feel guilt as they can buy these accessories online at very reasonable price. Let’s discuss list of remarkable add-ons that can increase quality of your e-cigarette.

 List Of Remarkable Add-Ons

  • Low Resistance 510 Cartomizers: Those who are used to of heavy vapor should customise their e-cigarette with this cartomizers. It can provide you close to real smoking experience. You can buy it in black color. To own this add-on you have to pay only $8.95 for a pack of five units.
  • High Drain Battery: AW 184990 batteries are made with a purpose of high and long hour of puffs; these are surely one of the best batteries in the world of e-cigarettes. It can totally live up to your expectation and you don’t have to charge your battery frequently. You can customize this battery in just $11DCT
  • Cartomizer Tank: Add-ons are amazing; they understand your desire and provide you exactly what you want. Like this cartomizer, this is huge you can actually fill 6 ml e-liquid in it, enough for your entire day or if you’re not a chain smoker then even for a week. It is exactly like its name a giant tank. You can customize this tank or cartomizer in $12.99.
  • Lanyard: This is for those who are tired of those lanyards that make you uncomfortable, instead of providing convenience. Manufacturer has added many features in it like nylon rope, durable fabric, neck pad to avoid rashes and dual fasteners to keep it vertical. You can customize your e-cigarettes with this in just $21.95.
  • ProTips Metal: It is used in atomizers and cartomizers. The best feature of this metal dip is that its hollow, which means you don’t have to remove any tip before adding e-liquid in it. This metal can be customised with atomizer and cartomizer with thread number 901 and 510. You can buy it in silver colour and it will cost you $6.95.
  • Zipper Bottle: This should be a welcome add-on for all travellers as you can carry this with you on long journeys. One zipper bottle contains 2 ml e-liquid. Its features like the metal screw on rubber cap is amazing, you can attach it with your jacket zipper and that’s it, no more worries. It will cost you $2.46 for per bottle.
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